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The “why” of Endeavour Academy


The why of Endeavour Academy is simple.  'We want to significantly raise the standard of the health & fitness professionals in Ireland'.

We are passionate health and fitness practitioners and are well practiced in our industry. It took a long time and much trial and error over the years, and our goal is to expedite this process for the next generation of fitness professionals.  

We want to provide quality courses for aspiring personal trainers that you will enjoy, find challenging, rewarding and inspirational.

The "who" of Endeavour Academy.


The Endeavour Academy is our new coach Education venture. we are  a REPS Ireland approved provider of personal training courses.


All tutors involved are full time employees of Endeavour Gym. We are all highly qualified and highly experienced with thousands of hours of practical personal training and are some of the best coaches within the Irish fitness industry. 

Each tutor holds a minimum of a BSc degree, with most holding a MSc in specialist areas such as Nutritional Medicine, Strength & Conditioning & Sport Science.



The "how" of Endeavour Academy.

At the Endeavour Academy, we have a keen interest in:

  • Large emphasis on high-quality , proven conditioning and strength training methods.

  • Limited student numbers per course

  • Large emphasis on face-to-face practical component.

  • Limited online component.

  • Structuring course timelines that promote sufficient learning.


Our fitness courses are face-to-face, and each week students will:

  • Attend weekly workshops

  • Participate in interactive lectures

  • Complete practical training sessions

  • Coach practical training sessions

  • Enact 'live scenarios' 

  • Coach from the start

Entry to any of our courses is only via personal interview*.  We have high expectations and offer students a unique opportunity embedded within our courses, via our intern weeks. The interview allows us to accertain if we are a good fit for you and you for us. 

*each course may have additional entry requirements coupled to the interview. 

Why we are different to all other courses.


The Personal Training and Advanced Exercise Coach qualifications both have integrated practical internship component.  This can total up to five weeks.  For this training block, we apply the theory we've learnt into real-world training application on our busy gym floor.

Here our students will get a chance to:

  • Shadow highly-experienced coaches, delivering private and semi-private personal training sessions. (week 5).

  • Participate in our semi-private training systems (week 6).

  • Coach at least three semi-private training sessions, shadowed by experienced senior coaches (weeks 10, 11, 16)*.

  • During our practical weeks, all of our students are expected to plan and deliver strength and conditioning sessions to another student.**

We are the only course provider in the country where you will get this level of coaching practice, leading to a longer course duration but a more competent coach.

*We are very flexible regarding these times for each student and encourage over and above the minimum shadowing level.

** these should be completed at independent times.

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