Frequently asked questions

Will I get a job after this course?

After completing the personal trainer course here at the Endeavour Academy, you will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to carve out a career path in the fitness industry. Further, our courses are aligned with the EHFA and are REPS accredited. This is an important aspect as the industry is becoming more regulated and aligned to European standards.

How can I become an accredited personal trainer?

To become a fitness trainer, one must first possess an E.Q.F level-3 qualification. With our combined course, you can go straight to a fully qualified personal trainer in a single course.

What is an average wage for a fitness instructor or personal trainer?

This varies greatly depending on your work location, what training cohort (121 or groups etc), your academic and experience. These are all factors relevant in every industry.

Are there many jobs in the fitness industry?

The health and fitness industry continues to be one of the fastest growing sectors in Ireland, with new jobs constantly opening up. Many graduates might prefer to carve their own path, running group classes, doing personal training etc

Do I have to participate?

Yes, this course has a very large practical aspect. We consider the gym floor to be equivalent to a laboratory. You must be present to take full advantage of the practical elements. We feel it is imperative that you are trained and be coached. In a similar manner to the client, you experience what it is like to follow supervised training. There is a minimum attendance of 85% of all contact teaching. participation is required.

I have a physical disability, can I participate?

Of course, we can tailor the course to suit your needs.

How will I be assessed?

Logbook, requiring a detailed ongoing analysis of your experiences and learnings during the course. Practical exams. These are base din the gym and will involve you being trained and coached in the methods advertised. Multiple Choice Question (MCQ). Final exams.

Who are I-REPS?

i-REPS are the Irish register of exercise professionals. They operate under the heaidn gof Ireland Active and are the accrediting body for all exercise professionals in Ireland. i-REPs verifies the quality of training delivered by different training providers and oversees adherance to EHFA (European Health and Fitness Association) standards. It also verifies qualifications of exercise professionals and will certifies completion of an i- REPs accredited course.

Is my course recognised internationally?

The Endeavour PT academy's courses are recognized in the EU, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and UAE. i-REPS is aligned to the European Qualification Framework and REPS Ireland is a part of the global REPS organisation that connects exercise professional registers in UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and UAE.

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered across a variet yo fo methods: In-person lectures Online lectures. Practical Gym floor training sessions. Textbook & Academic learning.

How can I book a place?

A first step is to cntact us and use up our free consultation slot. During this 45 minute time slot we will discuss the course breakdown and the required time demand sand commitment in relation to the course. This is the perfect time to become fully informed as to what you are signing up for in relation to both parties expectations. The next step is to simply decide and we can arrange the deposit and payment option.

Can I get more information?

Sure, fill in the contact box or call Barry on 0872898567 and we will give you a call back and book in for a free consulation and walk around to give you an understanding of our process.