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semi private personal training dublin , Endeavour gym
  • Why should I do this course instead of another provider?
    Probably our biggest selling point is how we allow student to learn and apply their knowledge. During our advanced exercise coach, we offer the student real life coaching experience, via our intern / practical weeks: Firstly we allow the students to integrate into our semi-private personal training systems, shadowing and ultimately getting coached by expert level coaches, alongside our general population clients. Secondly, we then allow the students to coach our semi-private personal training groups, under the expert tutorage of one of Endeavour Gyms coaches. These Interning hours are flexible and we will work with each student to accommodate appropriate times. Also, Students are provided with clients (from our full-time gym), who they must coach for 6-8 weeks, working with them on a 121 basis (this is for the last 8 weeks of their course), this is a truly unique opportunity as no other course allows students this level of participation during their courses. we feel this is simply a must, as many students 'pass their course' but have never actually coached a client!
  • Will I be able for this course?
    The course has a relatively high standard of theoretical knowledge and a huge proportion of practical application. If you are willing to put in the work, you will be just fine. if you need extra help, we are willing to provide extra assistance to help you achieve your goal.
  • Do I need to hold any other qualifications?
    For both the fitness coach and advanced exercise coach, no prior qualifications are needed as we provide all the key knowledge, skills and abilities you will need. for the personal training qualification, you will need a EQF level 3 award. If you don't have an EQF level 3 award but have considerable experience, you may be considered via our RPL pathway.
  • What is the time commitment for each course?
    Each course meets each Tuesday and Thursday from 6:15-9:00pm and Saturday from 8:30am-3:30pm . The Advanced Exercise Coach course runs for 15 weeks.
  • Do I need to attend all workshops
    Whilst it is possible to 'pass' an exam after missing some workshops, we discourage this. We operate on a high attendance rate. also, the topics you will cover in our PT course are advanced and without attending, you will struggle to develop a deep meaningful understanding. Remember, we also operate a non-participation = non-attendance, and an attendance rate of 80%+ allows you to take your final exams. if you feel, you will miss a lot of workshops, maybe we aren't the course for you!
  • Who will I be certified with?
    we are a recognises provider of education with Reps Ireland, so when you qualify, your credentials will be aligned to EQF levels 3+ 4. Also, our tutors are registered members of the Teaching Council of Ireland.
  • Is my qualification internationally recognised?
    Yes, REPS offer a means to utilise your qualification around the world

Advanced Exercise Coach.

Next Part-Time Course Starting February 13th 2024

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