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About Us

The Endeavour Academy (EA) is the educational branch of Endeavour Gym, a world class personal training facility, based in west Dublin.  For the past eighteen years, we have specialized in the delivery of high-quality personal fitness and now education!

Our dynamic, innovative and flexible approach to education ensures that all our learners gain the skills and qualifications they need to succeed in the health and fitness industry.

At the EA, we are dedicated to improving the standards and expectations of training within the health & fitness industry.  We will continually strive to provide both evidence-based and practical courses that students will enjoy, find challenging, rewarding and inspirational.

Why choose us

  • Well-established, industry leaders in personal training.

  • Based within a full-time personal training environment.

  • Learning from highly-experienced coaching staff, who have accumulated over 60,000 personal training sessions!

  • Learn real evidence-based exercise and nutrition principles and methods.

  • Our emphasis is to equip you with the applied skills and competence to become a world-class coach.



Our Level 3 & 4 qualifications are set to the European Health and Fitness Association (EHFA) standards council. The process for EHFA accreditation requires a training organisation to align its procedures and systems of learning outcomes to EHFA Standards for Fitness Instructing and Personal Training.  This allows all relevant parties to maintain high standards of education and training.

The EHFA Standards are a European benchmark for vocational education and training within the health and fitness sector across Europe and training organisations must demonstrate that they can meet the standards through a transparent and independent process of external verification.  This governing body is also aligned to an international standards body which recognizes world-wide the standards of education being taught at Endeavour Academy.

Further, the EHFA standards are aligned to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) which clearly identify the knowledge, skills and competencies required for fitness instructing occupations.  It enables those requiring training and employers seeking to maintain CPD for their fitness team to establish quickly and easily whether a qualification meets the required standards, which in turn provides greater confidence in the standard of exercise and fitness instruction to the consumer throughout Europe.